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A Simplified Guide To Distillate

Guide to distillate

What is Distillate?

Distillate is the vapor that is collected from a distillation and condensed into a liquid.

Alternatively, it’s the name of the product obtained from the distillation process. In terms of hemp and plant extracts, this is the purified active ingredient that forms a golden resinous oil. It’s a highly shelf-stable, potent product that can contain roughly 70-96% purified active ingredients.

Distillate is also fully decarboxylated, which basically means that it’s activated raw, and doesn’t require heat to activate the compounds in the extract. This makes it perfect to easily blend into edible, topical, and transdermal products— without the need to heat or cook the product.

Distillate can be infused directly into oil-based products, but is also easily dissolvable into water-based emulsions as well.

How Does Distillate Compare To Other Extracts?

When distillate is produced, the product is so purified that almost all aromatic volatile compounds are removed, making it essentially flavorless (or very mildly flavored, at most). This is desirable when working with products that are infused with botanically derived terpene formulas (things specific to strains, or even fruity flavors). This characteristic makes distillate ideal for mixing into various edible products— such as chocolate, gummies, and various baked goods (to name a few).

It’s common to see brands opting to use alternative extracts to distillate when producing vaporized or combustion-based products, as there are a number of extraction methods that produce terpene-rich concentrates. Some consumers are more partial to full-spectrum products, which oftentimes can be very aromatic, and high in other active ingredients.

However, some alternative extraction techniques are more prone to residual contamination due to a less exact method of extraction.

Why Is Distillate Better Than Other Extract Options?

The Benefits of Distillate for Product Development

Distillate offers a number of options in formulation that will set your products apart from the competition. The following are some of the benefits of choosing distillate over other extraction methods.

Distillate Is Purified

This extraction process is specifically designed to separate cannabinoids down to the molecular level, and by using simple preparation techniques you are guaranteed the highest potency extract, free of harmful contaminants (i.e. heavy metals, pesticides, microbial).

Distillate Is Virtually Odorless and Tasteless

This makes it ideal for edible, topical, and flavored products as it doesn’t impart that “green” taste that other terpene-rich extracts do.

You’re Guaranteed a High-Quality Final Product

Your starting material matters but not as much as most products— meaning that you can use trim and lower potency flower material, while still achieving the same high-quality, golden oil as your final product.

Uniform Dosing is Made Easier

The high potency of cannabinoids makes it easier to create uniform dosing. There will be less discrepancy as one might normally have to deal with working with various strains of the plant.

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