Frequently asked questions

What sets HVE apart from other Manufacturing Technology Companies?

We are a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to producing the most efficient and modular manufacturing equiptment on the market. In addition to our technical backgrounds in electrical and chemical engineering, we also have over a decade of experience in extraction and production. These two perspectives on manufacturing have guided us in the process of developing our equiptment, making sure to create solutions where other equiptment creates bottlenecks, making the experience of operating a HVE system ideal for any technican. All of our machines are fabricated and assembled in Southern California, partnering with local businesses. As a small, family-owned business we believe in supporting our community.

Can you visit my facility to consult on build out, installation, and operation?

Yes! We have a number of options for customers that are interested in consultation services. We can cover everything from installation and advising on build-out, as well as indepth training in the production of distillate products. These services vary in cost and time duration, for a quote on consultation services please reach out to us directly.

Do you guarentee potency and quality from your WFE systems?

While we guarentee that a properly maintained machine will operate with the highest efficiency, we cannot always guarentee quality of finsihed product due to the varients in starting materials and pre-processing techniques. We do however, offer a number of resources on perfecting your production process and are available to assist you in producing the highest quality product on the market.

Do you have a Setup, Maintenance, and Operational Manual?

Yes! We can provide customers with a set of extensive user manuals ranging from our quick start setup, troubleshooting, upkeep, and general information about operation of the WFE systems. To request a manual from us please contact us through our Contact Portal and someone from our team will assist you.