Frequently asked questions

What sets HVE apart from other manufacturing technology companies?

We are a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to producing the most efficient and modular manufacturing equiptment on the market. In addition to our technical backgrounds in electrical and chemical engineering, we also have over a decade of experience in extraction and production. These two perspectives on manufacturing have guided us in the process of developing our equiptment, making sure to create solutions where other equipment create bottlenecks— making the experience of operating a HVE system ideal for any technican. All of our machines are fabricated and assembled in Southern California, partnering with local businesses. As a small, family-owned business we believe in supporting our community.

Can you visit my facility to consult on build out, installation, and operation?

Yes! We have a number of options for customers that are interested in consultation services. We can cover everything from installation and advising on build-out, as well as in-depth training in the production of distillate products. These services vary in cost and time duration, for a quote on consultation services please reach out to us directly.

Do you guarantee potency and quality from your WFE systems?

While we guarantee that a properly maintained machine will operate with the highest efficiency, we cannot always guarantee quality of finished product due to the varients in starting materials and pre-processing techniques. We do however, offer a number of resources on perfecting your production process and are available to assist you in producing the highest quality product on the market.

Do you have a Setup, Maintenance, and Operational Manual?

Yes! We can provide customers with a set of extensive user manuals ranging from our quick start setup, troubleshooting, upkeep, and general information about operation of the WFE systems. To request a manual from us please contact us through our Contact Portal and someone from our team will assist you.

Can it be used only for cannabinoid separation?

All of our products can be used to do separations on any distillable compounds.

What other ancillaries do I need with my machine?

The basic package would be a vacuum pump (varying sizes depending on purchase), heat/cooling recirculator to run the internal condenser.

What kind of power is required?

120, 240, or Triple Phase is recommended depending on your operation size. All HVE WFE currently only require single phase 240 and 120, and can be run on either depending on your
facilities power.

Can you attach output and input pumps?

Yes any input pump whether manufactured by HVE or other manufacturers is compatible with all HVE equipment (universal connections).

Can HVE machines be daisy chained?

Output pumps can be used to pump any output stream of a HVE WFE into the input of another WFE.

Can I see the machine running?

You can see footage of this on both @highvelocityevaporators and @labsociety on Instagram.

How many liters per hour?

This can vary depending on the quality of your starting material and your goals for final product purity. All HVE systems come with a significantly larger evaporative surface area
compared to other machines in the same class— this means it will run faster than other machines while beating them in cost.

Will I need a hot oil recirculator?

No, our systems are designed with electrothermal heating built-in—eliminating the need for expensive and dangerous hot oil baths.

Will I need LN2 or dry ice for my cold trap?

Our systems are designed to be used with either type of cold trap but are designed to easily accommodate electric emergency chillers, which do not require dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

What does an HVE system cost? Are there financing options avaiable?

For all cost inquiries please contact us directly via our Contact Us portal and a representative will be in contact with you shortly.

Do HVE systems have any proprietary connectors?

No - all HVE products are made with universal connections and are compatible with all equipment sold at HVE or from other manufacturers.

Can HVE systems be installed in C1D1 facilities?

Yes - Several HVE Systems have been retro-fitted and installed to meet highly specific requirements in several different facilities with C1D1 labs across the United States and Canada.